Jan Hoopes Answers Questions About JAL Club Membership

Jan Hoopes is the membership chairperson for the Janesville Art League. She is frequently asked questions by people interested in joining JAL and shares the answers to some of the frequently asked questions here.

janWhat does the Janesville Art League do?

We are a group of men and women who try to further community interest in art, develop an appreciation of art, recognize artists, provide exhibits for artists to show and sell their work, and provide a means to view, study, display, collect and conserve works of art with our permanent collection housed at the Woman’s Club building.

Who belongs to Art League?

Our club is open to anyone with a desire to support the arts and have art enhance their lives. We have many members sharing their talents and enthusiasm.

How do I join Art League?

This is no big secret, everyone is welcome! If you enjoy art you are welcome to join us. We encourage students to join us as well. For information about joining our club or our next event, call Jan Hoopes at 756-0259. Single memberships are $50 per year and family memberships are $65 for the 2014-2015 year.

What does membership require from me?

Your opportunities to support art in our community through our organization include your attendance at as many monthly meetings as possible because this will enhance your club experience. You might enjoy participating in trips and tours or working with awards and scholarships since these activities offer you the chance to network with other members. A new member is encouraged to work on our art collection and its conservation in order to learn more about the gallery. We ask all our members to assist with the planning and presentation of our annual Member Art Show & Sale at JPAC. If you are an artist yourself, we appreciate your contribution to the Member Art Show & Sale and the club is happy to help publicize your exhibits and accomplishments. The Janesville Art League is a not -for-profit corporation and all donations either monetary or in art form are tax deductible.

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