Join The Fun! Be a Part of a JWCA Committee!

There are many levels of involvement. Most members feel that serving on a committee or board position is a great way to meet a lot of other members quickly and learn what goes on “behind the scenes” of the JWCA!

Check out what our current and former committee members had to say:

“I started with bringing food once or twice and helping a bit with setup or clean up. Corny but true– learned some names and faces. Of course that led to being treasurer and other offices and committees. I’ve not really found such an easy-going group elsewhere- nor have I really looked. It is a friendly, enthused and always entertaining group of women.” 

– Ann Roe, past-President

“Greeters were needed, so I jumped right in, figuring it was a great way to meet people. I enjoyed serving on the food committee because then I could get recipes from all the great cooks….I still enjoy the great variety of food at every meeting! “

– Karla Nitz, current Parliamentarian

“A friend asked me to go with her to an evening program.  I worked outside of Janesville and really didn’t know anyone in town.  I felt very welcome and it was a smorgasbord night!  So between the camaraderie and the food, I was hooked!”

– Ann Tearman, past-President

“My second year I jumped right into the VP of Programs and had a blast with my friend Dana, who took the Evening Programs director…We made friends with all of the women on the board very quickly and found everyone to be so helpful.” 

– Lisa Bingham, past Publicity Chair.

“I went to the book club in summer and by fall jumped on board as secretary. Enjoyed the monthly fun board meetings and the relationships that ensued.“

– Erika Boehlke, past Evening Programs Chair

“Mary Seibert-Morin, a long time member, suggested I attend a JWCA meeting. I met many women that were working to help our community and knew I wanted to be a part of that. Shortly after I joined, I was asked to help on the Membership Committee.  It helped me become an active, participating member of the JWCA instead of just sitting on the sidelines.  I eventually became the VP of Membership and there are always people that helped me out. Take the first step and join a committee or hostess an event; it will bring you closer to many members and make you feel like an integral part of this great club!” 

– Carla Edgar, past VP of Membership.

“I just started by helping with clean up and set up…tried to learn the ropes…brought some food and everyone was so helpful and friendly that I eventually was a hostess and committee member.  I really enjoy the people and helping others, which is why this club is so important to the community.”

– Jo Marden