Meet DAR Member Ruth Anderson

Ruth Anderson has been a member of the Janesville Chapter DAR for 29 years. Her interest in genealogy dates to 1976 with the inheritance of family papers from her grandfather. The papers included
19th and 20th century letters and charts going back to Mayflower and Revolutionary War era families.

Ruth’s career after graduating from UW-Whitewater, included teaching instrumental music for 27 years – ten years at Edgerton Middle School and seventeen years at Beloit College. Since May 2002, she has volunteered at the Rock County Historical Society Archives to assist patrons with historical and genealogical research. Ruth puts into action her belief that without volunteers, the wonderful records preserved by our local historical society would be inaccessible.

If she had a super power Ruth would want time travel – I would travel to the time period of a particular historical or genealogical question to find the answer. For example, I would go back to 1784 in Saratoga County, NY to see if Rachel Brewer’s parents were William & Elizabeth (Dutcher) Brewer. An answer to that question would open a floodgate of Hudson River Valley genealogical information.

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